How to get started with Rakuten API?

If you are not familiar with Rakuten API, do not worry. It is very easy to get started and in just a few minutes you can launch an application by following these steps:

1. Explore the different Rakuten APIs – Rakuten provides APIs for many different services ranging from ecommerce (Rakuten Ichiba) to flight reserves (Rakuten Travel) or even recipes (Rakuten Recipe). The first step for you should be getting familiar with the different available Rakuten APIs.

2. Try the APIs by yourself – All the API documentation pages allow you to do some example requests so you can get a feeling of the kind of data that you can retrieve for using in your application. You can also customize the API requests using multiple parameters.

3. Get your Application ID – If you do not have a Rakuten account, you can just create one from here. Then you can create your first application from this page.

4. Get an API client library for your programming language – If you use a popular programming language like Ruby or PHP, using a client library will make easier the programming process and less code will be required in order to make API requests and process responses.

5. Design and code your application – Now you are already set up and it is time for you to show your creativity!