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Rakuten Ichiba API

Rakuten's e-commerce platform.

Rakuten Bookmark API

Rakuten's service for customer favorite items lists.

Rakuten Books API

Rakuten's media products shop: books, magazines, videogames, DVDs, Blu-ray and software.

Rakuten Kobo API

Rakuten's e-book reader and bookstore.

Rakuten Travel API

Rakuten's travel reservation website.

Rakuten GORA API

Rakuten's online golf reservation site.

Rakuten Recipe API

Rakuten Recipe is a community for sharing cooking recipes.

Other APIs

Other APIs offered by Rakuten that do not belong to a specific service.

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The goal of this website is to provide information and useful resources for helping developers building web applications using Rakuten's APIs. One of the main challenges that developers face when working with Rakuten APIs is the scarcity of English language documentation, resources and examples. This website is not official or associated with Rakuten.

About Rakuten

About Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the biggest ecommerce and internet services companies in the world. It was founded in 1997 in Japan as an ecommerce marketplace where small businesses could sell their products online. Today Rakuten is also an important player in different Japanese industries like content, travel reservations, banking, insurance among other services and -during the last years- Rakuten has also expanded its operations into multiple markets around the world.

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